ASP.NET Core is the latest web framework from Microsoft, and is engineered to be fast, easy, and work across platforms.

In this course, you will build your first application with ASP.NET Core from scratch. First, you will learn how to work with a database to display and edit data. Then, you will explore middleware, view components, and database migrations with the Entity Framework. Finally, you will delve into building an API controller, and see how to work with client-side libraries. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of ASP.NET Core needed to be productive in a typical business-oriented application.

Introduction ( 4 hours / 2 sessions)

Introduction to this course - what to expect?

You will have the skills and knowledge of ASP.NET Core needed to be productive in a typical business-oriented application.

Introduction to web development / .NET
  • Introduction to web development
    • Web architecture
      Provide basic knowledge and skills required for planning, designing and developing effective web pages with a focus on the practical application of the technologies used in the web development. It covers basic terminologies, tools, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and the basics of javascript.
  • Introduction to C#
    • What is C#? - (refresh memeory)
  • Introduction to LINQ in C#
    • What is LINQ "Language Integrated Query"? Why, when?
  • Introduction to the .NET/.NET Core framework
  • Page-focused web UI with MVC/ Razor Pages
    • HTTP API
    • Apps
    • Data-driven

Develop ASP.NET core using the Model-View-Controller design pattern ( 8 hours / 4 sessions )

  • Introduction to MVC design pattern in the ASP.NET Core
  • Middleware
  • Dependency Injection
  • Razor syntax
    • Intro to rendering
    • Different type of rendering (Server-side / client-side)
    • Intro to Razor & Razor pages
    • Razor syntax
    • Tag helpers / HTML Helpers
  • Views
  • Partial views
    • When to use partial views
    • Declare partial views
    • Reference a partial view
  • Controllers
    • What is a Controller?
    • Actions
    • Routing to controller actions

Data access and handling ( 6 hours / 3 sessions )

  • Introduction to data handling in the ASP.NET CORE framework
  • What is an ORM?
  • Entity Framework (EF) Core
    • Configuring the database connection / Database Providers
    • Models
    • CRUD Queries
    • Managing Database Schemas
      • Reverse Engineering (Database first)
      • Migrations First

Security and identity ( 2 hours / 1 session )

  • Overview of ASP.NET Core Security / Web security
  • Authentication vs. Authorization
  • Authentication Dive-Deep

ASP.NET Core API ( 4 hours / 2 sessions )

  • What is an API? What is SPA ? What is RESTful API Design?
  • Create a web API with ASP.NET Core Controllers
    • Examples
    • Token
  • ASP.NET Core web API documentation (Swagger)

localization ( 2 hours / 1 session)

  • Intro to localization in the ASP.NET framework.

Introduction to ASP.NET Core Blazor ( 2 hours / 1 session )

  • Intro ASP.NET Core Blazor.

Real world case - Project ( 20 hours / 10 sessions )

  • Creating a news/company profile website with an api
    • Using templates for dashboard ( Any Admin Dashboard template) o Website Front pages
    • localization
    • API calls ready for mobile/SPA

Evaluation, assessment, reflection ( 2 hours / 1 sessions )

  • Feedback, reviewing course, participants have learned what they need to know?

NOTE: on the basis of participants overall knowledge rearranging between hours/sessions may occur.

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